Character Name
Personal Information
Birthplace Oberlin, Louisiana
Birthday April 16th
Age 26
Height Short. Just short, okay?
Weight Hahahahano.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Combat Information
Rank One Step Above You
Position Missionary
Elemental Affinity Win
Areas of Expertise Being Awesome
Team Whichever one Chuck Norris is on.
Favorite Jutsu
STFU n00b
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About Me

My favorite thing in the world is writing, surprise, surprise. I'm a MUSHer, after all. As for my least favorite thing, it's people, so if you fall into this category, you know who you are, I reeeeeeeally don't like you. I'm picky, snarky, mean, and I talk about people behind their backs. Like all the time. I'm demanding, petty, and bitchy, too, with an overbearing amount of self-entitlement. All of this adds up to what most people call my 'brattitude', yes, it's a new word. It's also my biggest charm, and yes, I do consider being bitchy to be my 'charm'. Don't like it, drive off a bridge, because you're a person, and I can't say I'm fond of that.

Have a nice day.


Contact Info

For those brave, or foolish, enough to risk the dire consequences of getting ahold of me…



I can't promise I'll respond to either one if you don't tell me who the heck you are. I hate strangers.

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