Character Name
Personal Information
Birthplace Frankfurt, W. Germany
Date of Birth Um, I've been around a few years.
Age Old enough to know better to young to care
Height Knee high to a fly
Weight A little too much
Hair Color soft beige, all over.
Eye Color blue I think
Combat Information
Rank Staff
Position The StatMoogle
Elemental Affinity Wow, that tickles
Areas of Expertise I will Pump You UP!
Team Team Insignificant
Favorite Jutsu
Nap No Jutsu!

About Mog

I'm Mog. I do mostly stats and occaisionally I'll run something fun on a whim. If I can help you with anything, let me know. No, I won't reveal game secrets like what does X skill roll off of.

Contact Information

@mail Mog in game

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