Ninja Commercial 10


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Yasushi: You know that block-builds are better than dodge-builds, right.
Yasushi: I mean, with a dodge build, all it takes is ONE low roll or someone with undodgeable attacks, and you are screwed, man!
Yasushi: Meanwhile, with an enduring-type build, even if you fail to block you take less damage, as opposed to taking full damage if you fail a dodge.
Yasushi: It is win-win! And unblockable is a myth, no one would take that.
Yasushi: Also the code prefers blocking over dodging, and dodging is kind of a cheapo move ICly too.
Yasushi: No one wants to face someone who just dodges all the time.
Yasushi: So from now on I am doing nothing but block builds! You with me!?
Yasushi: Hahaha! I knew you would be! Anyway, I gotta' go now. Good luck with your mission, Snake!
Yasushi: *Hangs up the phone*

Fuu: Oi, Soriddo Sune-ku! Who was that, just now?
Kanami: *Hangs up* I don't know. Some guy complaining about dodging I guess.

Closing Comments

Block: It's the new dodge.

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