Ninja Commercial 2


The following is a pre-paid advertisement. The views or opinions expressed are not necessarily the views of the MUSH.


Sami: Hello. I am Shima Sami, formerly one of the Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure.
Sami: I have purchased the next twenty seconds of your time to share with you an important message that impacts all of our lives.
Sami: Did you know that the BIRD is the WORD?


Mitsuo: *Stares at the TV*
Mitsuo: *Picks up the phone* Is this true!?
Yasushi: *On the other end of the phone, with Sakura in the background working at a chalkboard* According to our calculations the bird is, infact, equal to or GREATER than the word.

Sami: Thank you.

Closing Comments

Did you know about the bird?

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