Ninja Commercial 6


The following is a pre-paid advertisement. The views or opinions expressed are not necessarily the views of the MUSH.


Pakkun: Yo. I'm Pakkun.
Pakkun: Kakashi-san has paid for me to say something to you all.
Pakkun: What could a nin-dog possibly have to say, you ask?
Pakkun: Well, that's a mighty rude thing to ask, isn't it?
Pakkun: I don't treat you humans as inferiors.
Pakkun: All the time, I'm getting people talking to me like I'm somehow not as good as human beings.
Pakkun: Don't get me wrong, Kakashi-san treats me well.
Pakkun: But it's always 'deliver this message', or 'lead these Genin to the villain', or 'let me touch your velvetty soft paws'!
Pakkun: But when it comes time to have an after-mission party, guess who is never invited?
Pakkun: That's right! Me!
Pakkun: It's enough to make a nin-dog turn to drink.
Pakkun: But anyway, I have a message for you all.
Pakkun: It's… Uhh…
Pakkun: ….
Pakkun: I forgot it.

*Transmission terminated*

Closing Comments

Last one, I swear.

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