Ninja Commercial 8


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Kisame: Has this ever happened to you?

Itachi: I'm forming a group.
Orochimaru: What kind of group?
Itachi: A special one. For ninja.
Orochimaru: Hmm… I'm listening.
Itachi: Step One is to make a lot of money.
Orochimaru: Go on.
Itachi: Step Two is to ???
Orochimaru: …Did you just say '???'?
Itachi: Step Three is to profit!
Orochimaru: ….
Itachi: What?
Orochimaru: …What's this group called?
Itachi: The TTP Project!
Orochimaru: And TTP stands for…?
Itachi: 'TTP' stands for 'T.he T.TP P.roject'.
Orochimaru: ….
Itachi: So, wanna' join?
Orochimaru: …I think I'd rather be your arch-nemesis.
Itachi: Doh!

Kisame: Don't be a victim of poor planning OR poor naming conventions! Sign up with Akatsuki today! We have a plan, we have a name, and we have *SPOILERS* out the wazoo!
Kisame: Call 1-900-RUL-WRLD today for a free consultation for just $9.99 per minute!
Kisame: Tell them that Hoshigaki Kisame sent ya'!

Closing Comments

Akatsuki: Our name is cool.

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