Ninja Commercial 9


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Sami: Hello, my name is Shima Sami.
Sami: I would like to talk to you all about a very important matter.
Sami: Cloud Insurance.
Sami: I know, I know. When was the last time you ever heard of anyone being attacked by the Clouds?
Sami: How about RIGHT NOW.

*Cut-away to the Land of Waves*
Masahiro: I'm going to shoot you now… With this sword.
Mitsuo: *Fleeing* Don't stab me, I'm pregnant!
Yasushi: *Staggers around being pelted with Water Needles* Needles! In! Brain!

*Cut back to Sami*
Sami: That's right. The Land of Waves has been INVADED BY THE CLOUDS. Kirigakure was driven out with heavy losses. I was nearly killed. But guess whose medical fees will be covered?
Sami: *Indicates himself with his thumb*
Sami: I have Cloud Insurance. And so should you.
Sami: Because you never know what insidious plans the Clouds may be plotting…
Sami: *Whips around to stare to the north*

*Camera zoom across the land, to a mountain top in the Land of Lightning*
Reza: So…
Jon: ….
Reza: Tommorow…
Jon: ….
Reza: …We strike!
Jon: Yes.
Reza: ….
Jon: ….
Reza: …I mean it this time!
Jon: Oh, I know you do.
Reza: ….
Jon: ….

Sami: Buy Cloud Insurance before it's too late!

Closing Comments

Cloud Insurance: Not as dumb as it sounds.

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