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Following the success of the online role-playing game 'Naruto MUSH Rivalry 2.0' the producers (aka Staff) have decided it's time for the ever-popular 'spin-off' to be introduced into the mix. Thus, we bring you 'Naruto MUSH: Rivalry Babies'!

The Acid Problem

*In a living room*
Amuro (Age WTF): *Sitting in a recliner, reading a newspaper* Hmm… Yet another 'Family Circus' comic in which some never-aging child uses a word or phrase incorrectly in what the artist believes is an adorable manner. Hilarious. I wonder if anyone I know has died recently. *Turns to the obituaries*
Datura (Age 8): Waaaaahhhh! Amuro-saaaaan!
Mune (Age 9): Don't listen to her! Whatever she's saying is a lie!
Amuro (Age WTF): *Looks up* Hm?
Datura (Age 8): *Runs into the room from the nursery* Mune got acid in my eyes!
Amuro (Age WTF): ….
Mune (Age 9): *Runs in behind Datura and shoves her, knocking her down* Did not, liar!
Datura (Age 8): *Stumbles and falls on her rear* Ow! Waaaaah! Amuro-saaaaan! She pushed me!
Amuro (Age WTF): …Alright, that is enough. Mune, do not shove Datura. Datura, what is this about acid in your eyes?
Datura (Age 8): *Remains on the floor and crosses her arms, glaring at Mune* We were playing 'science laboratory' and I was her assistant! I wanted to play with the shurjuries-
Mune (Age 9): SURGERY.
Datura (Age 8): -I said that! So I wanted to play with the shurjuries and she wouldn't let me so she splashed ACID in my FACE!
Mune (Age 9): You pulled my hair first!
Datura (Age 8): You melted my face off! That's a lot meaner than hair-pulling!
Amuro (Age WTF): Your face appears to be intact, Datura.
Datura (Age 8): …Huh?
Mune (Age 9): He said your face isn't melted, stupid!
Datura (Age 8): Don't call me stupid, blacky!
Mune (Age 9): *Tackles Datura and starts hitting her* DON'T CALL ME THAT!
Datura (Age 8): *Screaming her head off and huddling into a ball*
Amuro (Age WTF): *Sighs and gets up. Seperates Datura and Mune* Enough. Datura DOES appear to be wet. What did you splash on her?
Mune (Age 9): *Stands back and kicks at the carpet and mutters*
Amuro (Age WTF): Answer me.
Mune (Age 9): It was—
Datura (Age 8): Acid!
Mune (Age 9): —Don't interrupt, airhead! It was just soda!
Datura (Age 8): Soda has acid in it!
Mune (Age 9): I know that, but it won't melt your face!
Amuro (Age WTF): *Sighs*

The Snake Problem

Tomoyo (Age 9): Was' goin' on? *Wandering out of the nursery and rubbing her eyes*
Amuro (Age WTF): Nothing, Tomoyo-chan. Go back to sleep.
Tomoyo (Age 9): I can't, papa!
Amuro (Age WTF): Why not?
Tomoyo (Age 9): Kanami-san is keeping snakes in my bed!
Amuro (Age WTF): ….
Datura (Age 8): *Shrieks* SNAKES!? EWWWW!
Amuro (Age WTF): *Walks into the nursery. Looks at Tomoyo's bed. Sure enough, it's full of snakes* Where did these snakes come from?
Mune (Age 9): *Standing in the doorway* I'll bet she got them from the field out back!
Datura (Age 8): *Gasps!* She's not s'posed to go there!
Kanami (Age 15): *Comes in with a papier-mache‘ mask* Why are you all bothering my snakes?
Amuro (Age WTF): You are not allowed to bring wild animals into the house.
Kanami (Age 15): Tch.
Amuro (Age WTF): And you are not to interfere with the other children’s nap-time either.
Kanami (Age 15): Tch!
Tomoyo (Age 9): Haha!
Kanami (Age 15): Quiet, you. Snakes need warm places to sleep too.
Datura (Age 8): *From out in the living room* Are the snakes gone yet!?
Mune (Age 9): Come see for yourself!
Datura (Age 8): No!
Mune (Age 9): But Kanami is putting them in your bed!
Tomoyo (Age 9): *Giggles*
Amuro (Age WTF): *Sighs*

Final Commentary

And people wonder why Amuro hates everyone.

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