Recent Logs
Recent Logs
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Miira Image - Reina's Imposter aburei campaign logs miiraimage other reina
Erupt, Yagyu! Show me what you've got! a-rank goh konoha logs mission other yagyu
Spreading Poison: Creepy Cop, Brutal Cop c-rank kanbei kasuya kumo logs mission
Secret of the Miracle Fat-Slimmer cherii konohagakure logs social zankuro
Conflict of Interest aburei b-rank logs mission other reina
Kiri vs Kumo: Village Devoured a-rank arashi ishino kiji kiri kumo logs mission naruko
Island Evac III logs mission
Off With His Head amani a-rank arashi hiei kumo logs mission yori
Into the Inferno - Snuffing out the Flames arashi campaign hanami intotheinferno kumo logs naruko rise
Hunting for buried pickling vegetables b-rank goh logs mission mushi other
Awake The Snake - Pt. 5 anzu awakethesnake campaign logs other shuuren
Rebirth of the Gobi: Release From Hell Island akane ishino kiri logs rie social tsiro
Cherry-Red Hippo cherii konoha logs social zankuro
Fleece of the Golden Goat: Revenge of Kiniro logs mission
Cherii Meets Zankuro cherii konoha logs social zankuro
Uchiha Police Escapee Files: Fuma Yumi b-rank konoha kumo logs mission naruko rockpath tatara
Fire at the Spring Festival! arika chisara c-rank itami jaken konoha logs mission mushi other suna tatsuo
Awake The Snake - Pt. 4 anzu awakethesnake campaign logs other shuuren
The Chronos Project - Resolutions with the Uchiha campaign chronosproject goh konoha logs other tatara tsugumi
Ninja Petting Zoo - Hog Wild c-rank konoha kyuketsuki logs mission shinobu tatara tatsuo
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