Recent Logs
Recent Logs
Title Participants(tags)
What If? Kage for a Day - Gohkage the Hokage campaign cutscene goh kageforaday logs other rpchallenge
Ballad of the Desert Spectre ayumu c-rank jaken logs mission other suna yagyu
Anchor Archive 2016
The Chronos Project - Part 2 campaign chronosproject goh logs mushi other
Reach for the Sky - The Tests campaign hayase kiri kumo logs reachforsky rise
Reach for the Sky - Greeting the Gatekeeper campaign hayase kiri kumo logs reachforsky rise
Troupe Troubles - To the Next Stop arika campaign gekido logs suna troupetroubles
Kono vs. Iwa: To Recover A Snitch b-rank hinori inpa iwa konoha logs mission rockpath
Bear-Handed - Prelude to Bear bearhanded campaign kumo logs miyu other toto
A Stinger by Any Other Name: The Rescue of Uta Inori c-rank jaken logs malik mission other suna yagyu
In With A Surprise b-rank isura konoha logs mission zankuro
Watch out, it's a worm!! arika c-rank goh logs mission other yagyu
The Chronos Project - Part 1 campaign chronosproject goh logs mushi other
Ninja Petting Zoo - A Bear of a Time campaign kefka kumo logs miyu naruko ninjapettingzoo other shinjiro tsuchiri yagyu
Responsibilities of a Summoner - Striking the Heart campaign logs other responsibilitiessummoner saki shuuren
Pickled Pantaloons aru goh konoha logs social suzu tsugumi
Awake The Snake - Pt. 3 anzu awakethesnake campaign logs matsuri other shuuren
The Wanted Poster aburei b-rank logs mission other reina
Lesson of the Fist eiji kumo logs rise training
Ninja Petting Zoo - Monkey Business c-rank kefka konoha logs mission tsuchiri zankuro

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