Recent Logs
Recent Logs
Title Participants(tags)
The Twelve Hunt - part 2b: Regrouping campaign goh logs mushi other twelvehunt
part 2: The Uzumaki Found campaign goh logs mushi other twelvehunt
Into the Inferno - Bringing Danger to a Boil campaign hanami intotheinferno konoha kumo logs nozomi zankuro
Water hunting in the Stone b-rank iwa kaneko kiri logs loki mission naoya
The Twelve Hunt - Part 1d: Enlisting a Kazekage campaign goh itami logs mushi other suna twelvehunt
The Twelve Hunt - Part 1c: Setting up market. The Uzumaki Connection. campaign goh logs mushi other twelvehunt
Politics and the Path to Family kumo logs social taiki takeo
A Big Sting arika b-rank jaken logs malik mission suna yagyu
Got Drugs? b-rank eiji hanami hiei kasuya kumo logs mission sanda yori
The Twelve Hunt - part 1b: Discussions on poisons and senjutsu campaign goh logs mushi other twelvehunt
Silk and Triad Ilk c-rank jaken kumo logs malik mission nariko other yagyu
The Twelve Hunt - Part 1 campaign goh logs mushi other twelvehunt
Plights of Rebellion c-rank logs mission other suizei yume
Splashes on the River goh logs mushi other social
Awake The Snake - Pt. 1 anzu awakethesnake campaign logs matsuri other shuuren
Diplomatic Arrivals in Konoha cherii etsu hiei konoha logs social tatara tatsuo
Disappearing Doctors aburei b-rank logs mission other reina
Dismantling Obstacles pt 2 c-rank kiri kitaru logs meruin mission
Alt Meeting – The Berserker and The Clown altmeeting campaign konoha kumo logs rise rpchallenge zankuro
Trouble A Tractor aru c-rank hinotori konoha logs mission nonon saori suzu tsugumi

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