Note: It goes without saying that this is a very secret organization that, to the knowledge of the Shinobi world at large, Does Not Exist. This organization has invested many hours and lives to ensure that the rest of the world does not know of its existence. It is only through their repeated and systematic failed attempts at killing Taiki that their presence has been revealed at all. Thus if you have not run into them, one of their hideouts, or someone connected to Taiki, your character will not know of their existence. Please RP accordingly.

The Recluse
Basic Info
True Leader Uzumaki Hironobu
Base of Operations Land of Fire (Main)
Land of Earth
Land of Lightning
Years Operating 22
Allies The Black Dawn
Perceived Leader Kawano Yoshihisa
Chief Surgeon No Information Available
Tactics No Information Available
Recruiter No Information Available
Trainer No Information Available
Other Members
No Information available
Areas of Expertise Seals
Medical Ninjutsu


The Recluse have, in actuality, been active for quite some time. Their core members are all at least A-Ranked if not S-Ranked shinobi, and are quite adept at remaining in the background. In fact, they have had a long-standing policy to kill anyone who even discovered the name "The Recluse" through assassinations that could easily be attributable to other causes. Their true leader, Uzumaki Hironobu, is even believed to be dead by the greater Uzumaki clan, a belief he will admit to having created and nurtured through the years.

He originally created The Recluse due to a trend he saw growing in the Shinobi world. Individuals and clans sought power, often without considering the cost. More often than not, that search for power caused pain, suffering, and needless bloodshed. With no signs of slowing down, this grab for power by the Shinobi could only lead to the world's destruction, or so Hironobu believes. After loosing his sister to an Uchiha, he decided that the Shinobi of the world needed a regulator, so he created The Recluse for just such a purpose.

The Recluse was to be that check. They would watch Shinobi of all clans, all areas, for signs of someone reaching for more power than they should have. When they would find somebody, they would arrange for bad things to happen to them as a warning, and if the warning was not heeded, they would kill them. But Hironobu was no fool. He saw the irony in that to be able to curtail the rise of power, his organization would have to become the very monsters they were fighting. Thus he set up a "public" leader that would himself only be known by the officers, while he appears to be little more than a shadow. If any member of the Recluse tries to betray the organization, or seeks power to their own ends and not to the betterment of The Recluse, he kills them. Yoshihisa knows that even he is not exempt from this, and knows that Hironobu's skills can be both extremely frightening and extremely subtle. Thus he is utterly devoted to Hironobu's ideals, and will not go against him.

The Recluse consider the formation of the Hidden Villages to be their greatest failure and shame. They see these villages as attempts by the clans to gain more power than ever before, thus causing even more bloodshed and horror. But they could not stop their creation, so they have intensified their efforts to prune away the increasing efforts to discover more power. To this end they have started an initiative to enlist aid from within the clans. They look for those most compatible with their ideas, and promise them support and training if they will limit any innovation of new and more powerful techniques within their clan. They understand the dangers of doing things this way, and are quick to ensure that their operatives within the clans know next to nothing other than who they meet with and where. That way any leads to them can be eliminated relatively quickly.

By in large, they have been successful with their tactics, though their failures tend to be plainly obvious. Only recently have they started accumulating the power needed to take on stronger opponents, though the Inuzuka Clan is proving to be quite the thorn in their side. This is a thorn they are one day going to silence, even if it means destroying the entire clan.

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