Team 01 - Sunagakure
Team 01
File Data
Affiliation Sunagakure
Base of Operations Land of Wind
Length of Activity 2+ years
Team Leader Rurohashi Ruri
Classification Special/High-Risk Ninja Operations
Other Data
Members Rurohashi Ruri, Rurohashi Rinako, Maneshi Shemri, Kara, Konomi
Missions Assigned (Logged Only) 12
Missions Completed (Logged Only) 11
Successes 11/12

Sunagakure's Team 01 — also known as "Team Ruri" — was the first most active PC team for Sunagakure. It began with four members, including the team leader, and was retired OOCly with five members in September of 2011. It is still ICly active.

Pre-Formation Background

Team History

(To be done. Summary of actions and missions undertaken so far.)

File Notes

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<Notes to be added as needed>

Classified Information

NOTE: Only Council Members and the Kazekage may add to, remove from, or otherwise edit this information. ICly, the Classified Information is not available to non-Council or non-Kazekage, unless specifically granted permission to access such information (in whole or in part) in an IC manner. This means a logged scene must occur, or at the very least an IC @mail. Even Jounin do not have access to this information without permission! Period!

Team 01 Mission Log

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