Personal Information
Birthplace Somewhere Far Beyond Reality
Date of Birth 4-2-1989
Age 20
Height 6'0"
Weight 260
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Combat Information
Rank Pseudo-Staff
Position Wiki Helper and CSS Cruncher
Elemental Affinity Data
Areas of Expertise Programmin'
Team I'm on Team Hibari-sama
Favorite Jutsu

About Me

Okay, so I know this area should be filled with a longish rant about how good I am with the l33t computor skillz, but it's not going to be, because I don't honestly care about it! So anyways, who am I you ask. You wonder, who is Takeshi Odori Kaguya besides the CSS Cruncher? It's simple really, Takeshi is just your normal, run of the mill Computer Science major who spends all of his time crunching numbers and therefore spends time in games to get the stress out…

Wait what…too serious you say? alright, you're right. We'll skip to the good parts.


What I Do

I handle the styles. That's right, I'm the CSS Cruncher. I'm in your codez has an all new meaning now doesn't it folks? XD

Anyways, if you see any problems with the layout get in contact with me and take SCREENSHOTS! Please, screenshots are like the awesomest thing a person can give me when reporting a problem. Problems with screenshots automatically get bumped up to the top of my list!

Contact Info

  • @mail me on the mu* @mail sage=<title>/<msg>
  • Page me on the mush: With a link to a screenshot (hopefully) and a description

ToDo List

This is a public ToDo list for Takeshi. If you're hibari, Cooee, Valkyrie or Liska and need me to fix something, post it on this list. This is also the place to ask for character page help.

Gizmo's ToDo List


This is a public suggestion board.

Gizmo's Suggestion Board

Bug Reports

This is a public bug report board.

Gizmo's Bug Report Board

Youtube Videos For Joo (In order of my rating!)

Old version now rendered obsolete by my top 10 list on my blog!

Top 10 AMV

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