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The scene is a very large and dimly lit cave, with a giant pair of stone hands protruding from the ground, and a really bleeping ugly statue of a monster's face sticking out of the wall above. Gathered in a circle and standing atop the tips of the statue-hands' fingers, are psuedo-holographic images of the current membership of the Tao Shih…

Meeting Preparations

Tomoyo-Image: We are all finally here, then?
Kanami-Image: Indeed. It has been years since all of us were in one place together…
Amuro-Image: Hm! Let us not waste time. The reason I have called you all here is -
Datura-Image: Amuro-kun!
Amuro-Image: - What is it, Datura?
Datura-Image: Can you hold that thought for one moment? I am absolutely FAMISHED, and I want to go get some cheetoes.
Amuro-Image: …We do not have time for -
Datura-Image: Too late! *Blips out*
Amuro-Image: ….
Shinji-Image: I want to use a technique!
Datura-Image: *Blips back in* I can't find the cheetoes. Where are the cheetoes, Amuro-kun?
Amuro-Image: If you are in the breakroom, they should be right next to you on the counter.
Datura-Image: Ah-hah! *Blips out*
Shinji-Image: I said I want to use a technique!
Datura-Image: *Blips back in* Does anyone else want some cheetoes?
Amuro-Image: No.
Datura-Image: Kay. *Blips out*
Tomoyo-Image: …Hey, I want some cheetoes -
Amuro-Image: What technique are you referring to?
Shinji-Image: Uhh… I can use any technique I know while we're doing this projection thing, right?
Datura-Image: *Blips back in* I want a Mountain Dew. Can I have a Mountain Dew, Amuro-kun?
Amuro-Image: Yes, Datura, and yes, Shinji.
Datura-Image: *Blips out*
Shinji-Image: I want to use 'Super Punch'!
Datura-Image: *Blips in* Where's the Mountain Dew, Amuro-kun?
Amuro-Image: …In the refrigerator obviously.
Datura-Image: Hey, where's this room? Can I reach it from here?
Shinji-Image: I said, I'm going to use 'Super Punch'!
Amuro-Image: What room?
Datura-Image: The room where he's using all these techniques from!
Amuro-Image: He is not using any techniques.
Shinji-Image: I am though, if you'd just listen! I'm using 'Super Punch'!
Amuro-Image: …Why are you using 'Super Punch'? There is nothing to attack here.
Shinji-Image: I— *Pause* I… *Pause* I'm attacking the darkness!
Everyone (Except Amuro): *Laugh loudly*
Amuro-Image: Very amusing. If you want the lights turned up, just ask in the future.
Datura-Image: Okay, I have all my snacks and shiz. Let's hurry up with this thing, I have places to be!
Amuro: ….

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