Tao Shih OOC 2

This is an Extremely Out Of Character page. It is intended for humorous purposes only. Take as directed by a Medic-Nin. Do not operate heavy machinery within 60 minutes of using this page. Void where prohibited.


The scene is a very large and dimly lit cave, with a giant pair of stone hands protruding from the ground, and a really bleeping ugly statue of a monster's face sticking out of the wall above. Gathered in a circle and standing atop the tips of the statue-hands' fingers, are psuedo-holographic images of the current membership of the Tao Shih…

Pro-Tip: Amuro Is Not Santa Claus

Amuro-Image: Now, if we are all ready, the reason I have called you all here is that in a short while the Leaf -
Mune-Image: *Raises hand*
Amuro-Image: - Yes, Mune?
Mune-Image: I was wondering, Amuro-sama, if I could perhaps get a -
Datura-Image: What Mune-chan MEANS is that we need -
Mune-Image: -Uhhh…
Datura-Image: -a few items and resources to help us in our plans!
Amuro-Image: *Points at Datura* Datura, you can possess people! *Points at Mune* Mune, your science is deadly!
Mune-Image: *Blinks*
Amuro-Image: Robotto-san, you—you… *Points at a half-Puppet hench-servant* …You're made of WOOD!
Robotto-Image: *Seems underwhelmed*
Amuro-Image: What more do you need!?
Shinji-Image: How about Dojutsu?
Amuro-Image: …What.
Kanami-Image: The Uchiha and the Hyuuga have them. We want them too.
Tomoyo-Image: *Looks very uncomfortable and tries to blend into the background*
Shinji-Image: With Dojutsu, the Tao Shih will crush our enemies!
Robotto-Image: CRUSH. THEM. *Punches a passing bat out of the air*
Datura-Image: I want Shadow Imitation, Amuro-kun!
Tomoyo-Image: Can I get a talking ninja dog!?
Kanami-Image: I demand more snakes!
Amuro-Image: Enough of this! Whom do I look like? Santa Claus!?
Amuro-Image: *Throws an arm out to the side and a giant map of the Land of Fire rolls down from somewhere above* We are wasting valuable time! Right now, my agents are preparing the way to enter Konohagakure unopposed -
Mune-Image: *Clears throat* Ahem! *Steps forward* Excuse me!
Amuro-Image: …MUNE, WHAT IS IT?
Mune-Image: Look, I just want a SHIRT! A simple, modest SHIRT!
All (Except Amuro): *Gasp in amazement*
All: *Excited chattering*

Closing Commentary

You think I'm joking, but I'm not.

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