World Ninja Competition

World Ninja Competition

This is the index page for the World Ninja Competition. The competition is a tournament event in which the ninja of all Villages, and even independent ninja, may participate for prestige, recognition, and fabulous prizes. There are different "brackets" set up for different types of competitors.

Exhibition Matches

Exhibition Matches were permitted once the tournament began. These were essentially unofficial challenges between one ninja and another — or potentially even multiple ninja at once — for the purposes of entertainment and recognition rather than the winning of a tangible prize. Exhibition Matches did not alter one's standing within the actual tournament proper. Exhibition Matches were purely optional, and could be declined if desired.

The first World Ninja Competition took place in Kusagakure, courtesy of the late Daimyou of the Land of Grass. The competition was first suggested by the Kazekage, Kokoroe Sousa.

First World Ninja Competition

Links to the match-ups from the First World Ninja Competition are listed below.

The First Bracket consisted of 3 competitors, in "Round Robin" style. The individual with the most wins, won the bracket.

Rise vs Gyakusatsu
Gyakusatsu vs Kazuki
Kazuki vs Rise

Kazuki was the Champion.

These could be performed in any order.

The next brackets were set up in a double elimination tournament style. To be completely eliminated, one had to lose twice.

Second Bracket
Tsukiko - Konoha
Tenjin Kenta - Kumogakure
Okumo Meruin - Kirigakure Champion
Sasaki Imota - Sunagakure
Maneshi Shemri - Sunagakure

Third Bracket
Hyuga Ryuk - Konohagakure
Onimitsu - Wanderer
Kaguya Takeshi - Kirigakure
Seishino Kanami - Wanderer
Uchiha Hinotori - Konohagakure
Kishi Mune - Wanderer Champion
Mitsuomi - Kumogakure
Hayato Sora - Sunagakure
Sassahara Natsuki - Konohagakure
Kara - Sunagakure
Hyuga Yuzuna - Konohagakure
Hyuga Hiroshi - Konohagakure
Reizei Setsiro - Kumogakure
Akimichi Tosai - Konohagakure

Fourth Bracket
Hizumu Reza - Kumogakure
Uchiha Tessen - Wanderer
Nagayama Amaya - Kumogakure
Uchiha Fuyu - Konohagakure Champion
Kaguya Yasushi - Kirigakure
Hyuga Kuki - Konohagakure
Kirryu Moriko - Konohagakure
Saito Jon - Kumogakure

Second World Ninja Competition

Yet to be announced.

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